It’s taken me a lot of failures, money, and time to figure out how to truly build a successful online business that will consistently generate revenue.

Below you’ll find the ten elements I consider to be essential for any successful entrepreneur:

  1. A mindset of success structured around a lofty, yet attainable goal.
  2. A passion and mission to help others with a service-oriented attitude.
  3. A product or service that solves a problem, ideally something within a niche or sub-niche market.
  4. A solution that people are willing and wanting to purchase.
  5. The ability to scale everything from marketing and support, to delivery and upselling.
  6. A marketing engine to consistently attract and onboard new customers.
  7. A practice which cultivates a community of engaged followers who know, like and trust you.
  8. Systems and processes that enable all of the above.
  9. A great “team”, even if it’s just you in the beginning.
  10. Daily action! Because “imperfect action is far better than perfect inaction.” ~Harry S. Truman

That’s it. Implement these ten elements, and you will easily be able to hit 7-figures or more per year online, consistently.